Led Zeppelin- Divided They Stand

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This lesson is how to play guitar like Jimmy Page. Before we start the video lesson of how to play ‘A Whole Lotta Love’ here is a bit of history of the band for you.

Led Zeppelin- Divided They Stand

Led Zeppelin formed in September of 1968 in London, England. Still considered one of the greatest bands of all time, Led Zeppelin introduced the music world to a fusion of sounds that would later become a genre in itself. With strong blues and folk influences, a guitar-driven sound of heavy riffs and acoustic undertones, the versatile Led Zeppelin presented themselves as the precursors of heavy metal and the innovators of classic rock.

The beginnings of the music group dates back to early 1968, when Jimmy Page left the band ‘The Yardbirds’ and began recruit of a new ‘super band’ with prime credentials: Robert Plant (vocals, harmonica), John Paul Jones (bass, guitar), John Bonham (drums, percussion) and Jimmy Page (guitar). After consolidating its members and under the management of Peter Grant, the band performed their live debut in the University of Surrey on October 15th, 1968. It wasn’t long after their first public appearance that they released their first, self titled, album in 1969. An immediate success, the blues-influenced album compiled distorted, extravagant guitar sounds that later proclaimed the band as the forefathers of heavy metal.

While they toured promoting their first album and building their infamous reputation, the group began working on their second album, ‘Led Zeppelin II’. Filled with assertive sound variations of blues and even more belligerent guitar compositions, the compilation confirmed the bands heavy metal inclinations as well as the member’s inherent talent; subsequently sustaining their rapidly attained success.

Remaining faithful to their heavy style of play the band released ‘Led Zeppelin III’ in 1970. The album encompassed more Celtic influenced sounds, lighter, acoustic rhythms and the occasional aggressiveness, authentic to their first two works.

Immediate popularity brought upon the band increased media and critic attention. Despite the public’s devotion many critics came to deem Led Zeppelin as “overrated”, which encouraged the band to release their next album under no title or band name soughing to prove their music notorious.  So they did. Commonly referred to as ‘The Runes”, the fourth album included many of Zeppelin’s legendary songs, including ‘Stairway to Heaven’, regarded still today to feature one of the greatest guitar solos of all time.
Although the group’s popularity had already soared after their first three albums, it wasn’t until the fourth one that they reached their peak, proving their music timeless and the critics wrong. Their descent, however, slowly followed and despite the release of five more albums post-apogee, although selling well, didn’t attract the attention that the first four engrossed. Within these albums the versatility of the band became a lot more apparent causing many followers to stray away from the band’s ever-changing style. In addition, some members’ struggle with substance abuse and family issues interfered with the band’s proper operation, aiding in their slow coming fall.

‘Physical Graffiti’, released in 1975 after ‘Houses of the Holy’ (1973), was the most popular of their post-peak releases as it caused all of Led Zeppelin’s previous albums to re-enter the top-200. Later came ‘The Song Remains the Same” (1976), ‘Presence” (1976) and finally “In Through the Out Door” (1979).
It was in September of 1980 that the bands true demise occurred, when Jason Bohnam’s alcoholism took his life. Choking on his own vomit he died of asphyxiation, causing Led Zeppelin to, finally, disband.

Led Zeppelin’s career lasted a meager 12 years but their impact in music history went further than they could possibly imagine. The true precursors of heavy metal, Led Zeppelin re-wrote the blueprint of rock and roll and prompted the sovereignty to fuse different musical genres into one. One of the biggest influences in pop culture and for many music enthusiasts to this day, a band that has truly stood the test of time.

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